Best Proven 5 Ways to Evict Squirrels from Your Florida Chimney!

There are some instances when the Pembroke Pines squirrels will enter the chimney and won't be able to get out. They will then be forced to escape to the basement ducts and fireplace. In case you think that a squirrel is trapped in your chimney, you should never attempt to smoke it out. The baby or a trapped animal that is too small to climb out will certainly be killed. 

Top Ways to Remove the Squirrels from Your Chimney

Most of the time, the Florida squirrels will be persistent in looking for an access inside their house. Due to their persistence, they do not necessarily think about their possible escape route. Such is the case of the squirrels that are trapped inside our chimney. If you want to get rid of them, we will provide you some effective ways to do it.

1. Providing them with an Escape Route

You can simply hang a rope that has a thickness of at least 3 inches all the way down through the Pembroke Pines chimney in order to provide the squirrel with an escape route. Tie the other end of your rope at the top before lowering it. Be sure that the rope will be long enough. After making sure that the squirrels have already escaped, remove the rope and place a cap on the chimney.

2. Create Noise

This would only be a short term-solution. Remember that the Florida squirrel can easily adapt to the changes on their environment, Playing loud noises repeated will only be effective for a limited time. The noises that you will create would be enough to startle them and scare them away from your chimney. 

3. Capture and Release

In case the squirrel refused to leave the chimney, the best possible solution would be the use of live traps. Before setting up the live traps, make sure that all the doors that lead to the other rooms are closed. Open the windows and doors that lead outside. Allow the squirrel to escape and do not chase them. In case you captured the squirrel using the live trap, you will need to release it outside. In some states you are not allowed to relocate this away from the place where you captured them.

4. Place a Cap

Having a cap in your chimney would be a practical thing to do. If you plan to do it yourself, follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you will not have an unwanted visitor in the future. The cap that you will purchase should be approved. You should also ask the expert about the codes and regulations in installing cap.

5. Call the Service of the Florida Pros

If none of the methods aforementioned work, your best course of action would be to seek the help of the professionals. Evicting the nuisance creature once they made it inside our house would be challenging. In order to stop the risks that are related with the infestation, you will need to hire the service of the experts immediately.

Remember that relocating the Pembroke Pines squirrel is not an answer to your infestation problem. Based on the reports, their rate of survival will greatly reduce once you relocate them in an unfamiliar territory. Even if you managed to remove a squirrel, another squirrel will replace them if the root cause of the issue is not resolved.

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