How to Effectively Get Rid of Raccoons Under Your Pembroke Pines Porch!

Raccoons are wild Pembroke Pines creatures that can easily be identified through their mask and the circles around their tails. Though the raccoon may appear to be adorable, they abhor the presence of human. They can have an aggressive and destructive behavior so it is best to stay away from them. It is not rare to encounter a raccoon that is taking shelter under our porch. Due to the possibility that they may carry disease, it is highly important to get rid of them immediately.

How to Get Rid of the Raccoon under Your Deck

 Raccoons have a destructive nature. Even if they are found outside of our Florida house, there are still dangers associated with them. They will usually steal the food of our pets that can lead to conflict. A fight between a cat and a raccoon can compromise the safety of our pets. They can also destroy our gardens and rummage our trash bins.  

Create Noises

There are various mild harassments that you can use to encourage the raccoon to leave your Pembroke Pines property. One of the best ways is to create noises. You may play a radio near or on top of your porch. Raccoons find it uncomfortable to stay in a place with human activity, so be sure to tune in to a talk station. You may set the volume at an ideal setting. Be certain that your neighbors and family members will not be annoyed with the loud sound. It should only be enough for the raccoon to hear them. Leave it for a few days and you will eventually notice that the raccoon is no longer returning in your yard.


Before you use this method, we need to remind you that the use of ammonia is not allowed in some states. In addition, this can only be a short-term solution, so you will have to perform other methods to guarantee that the raccoons will not be returning below your porch. Start by soaking a rag into the bottle of ammonia. The number of rags that you will use will depend upon the area of your deck. If you can't reach under your porch, you may simply toss the rag. It is not advisable to spray some ammonia under the porch since it will only dissipate quickly. It would be better to leave the bottle of ammonia open under your porch.


After getting rid of the Florida raccoon, you don't want to encounter the same issue again. You need to find ways on how you can prevent them from re-entering on your property. One excellent method is to introduce fences. Make sure that it will be deep enough to deter the digging habit of the raccoon. After this, you can install barriers that will keep the raccoons at bay.

In cases none of these works, it may be a perfect time for you to call a Pembroke Pines wildlife removal service. They offer a range of services that can deliver a long term solution to your wildlife infestation problem.

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