Have You Been Exposed to Florida Bat Feces? Know the Different Dangers You Could Be In!

Almost everyone knows that even though Pembroke Pines bats can deliver array of benefits, they are also associated with health and safety risks such as the possibility that they may carry rabies. Perhaps not all of you are aware that direct exposure to the bat guano may increase the probability of contracting Histoplasmosis. In this article, we will find an answer to the frequently asked questions about this disease. 

Histoplasmosis: What Is It?

Histoplasmosis is a type of infectious disease that can be contracted once you inhaled the spores of a Florida fungus known as Histoplasma Capsulatum. While a person infected with the disease cannot transmit this to another person, this can still affect a huge population who is not aware that they are exposed to this disease. Just about anyone can acquire this disease. However, there are some people that are at a higher risk. This may include the cave explorer, roofers, gardeners, chimney cleaners and construction workers. Anybody who accidentally inhaled the spores of the fungus can acquire this disease.

How Diseases Are Transmitted

The feces of the Pembroke Pines bats that are infected with Histoplasmosis will contain the fungus. This will then contaminate the soil where the droppings are found or at your attic that is occupied by the bats. They will survive and will thrive in your attic waiting to infect someone. Also once the droppings of the bats have been disturbed, the spores of the fungus will be airborne. Once you breathe it, you will be infected with the disease.

Last 1970; there has been a report where hundreds of Florida students have contracted the disease. This is due to the fact that they accidentally inhaled the fungus that was released from the ventilation system of their school. This was after the clean-up at the courtyard of their school. After a few days, the students showed signs of Histoplasmosis.

Symptoms of Histoplasmosis

The disease will actually have no obvious symptoms after contracting the disease. It will first attack the host's lungs. After 10 days, you will experience symptoms that are similar to flu virus. This may include muscle and joint pain, impaired vision, headache, fatigue, lack of appetite, fever, and chest pain. Due to these vague signs, a person who contracted the disease may not be aware of it. Usually, you will initially think that you have the flu virus. 

There are some instances when you will think that you simply had flu but there are also times when things can get a bit serious. This may lead to a long-term or irreversible illness and it may also result to tuberculosis. Those who have a weak immune system such as people suffering from AIDS condition are pretty susceptible to this disease. 

Though the mild condition will simply run its entire course, it is still advices to seek the help of the Pembroke Pines medical experts. They will provide you with anti-fungal drugs that can suppress the adverse effects of the disease. Medicine is also important if the fungus has spread to the blood stream of the patient.

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