Why You Should Never Feed a Pembroke Pines Baby Opossum - What to do Instead!

Some Pembroke Pines people will find the baby opossum cute and adorable. When they find an orphaned baby opossum, they will try to take care of them. They will feed them in order to satiate their hunger. However, this good deed will cause them more harm than good. You should never attempt to feed the creature especially if you lack the knowledge and experience. Your best option is to call the help of the animal control agency or the wildlife rehabilitation center.

Why It Is Not Advisable to Feed Them

You need to remember that the milk of the Florida mother opossum contains nutrition that is specifically intended for their joeys. This will encourage the baby opossum to pass their waste in an efficient manner. Some people will try to feed them with milk formula but this may lead to problem since the digestive system of the opossum is not designed to process the substance found in the milk formula.

They Have a Unique Diet Structure

While most Pembroke Pines people will think that opossums are simply scavengers, you will be surprised to know that they have a unique diet structure. This should be strictly followed in order to stay away from any possible repercussions. Failure to give them with enough nutrients or giving them with inappropriate food will be detrimental to the health of the creature. Your best option is to seek the help of the wildlife rehabilitator.

It May Cause Aspiration

The Florida baby opossum's ability to ingest food is still limited. Forcefully feeding them can cause aspiration that will be lethal to the poor creature. They can accidentally inhale the fluid if you feed them excessively. This can enter their lungs that will lead to severe condition. 

Are there Better Option?

There are better alternatives that you can do to increase the survival rate of the baby opossum. First, you should try to reunite them with their mother opossum. There is a good chance that the baby accidentally fell down from the pouch of the mother. Keep the baby safe while waiting for the mother to return. Contain them inside the cardboard box and place a bunch of cloth that will keep them warm. You may use a heating pad but make sure that the baby will not be directly in contact with the source.

After this, you need to call the help of the Florida wildlife rehabilitator. They have the knowledge and skills to nurse the baby and help them recuperate. They can provide you instruction on how to execute first aid treatment and proper guidance on how to transport the creature safely to the rehabilitation center. They can also give you more information that will help you increase the survival rate of the poor creature.

Taking care of the Pembroke Pines baby opossum is a complex matter and should only be done by the professionals. You should not give them random foods. Their dietary structure is designed in a different way that also requires unique nutrients to ensure that they are being nourished properly.

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