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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Pembroke Pines! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Pembroke Pines, FL. It can be quite frustrating when a business gives you an estimate for repairs or service and then charges you significantly more than what they estimated. You will never find that to be the case with us. What we promise it will cost for the job to be done is exactly what you will pay. This is one of the reasons why we have become the #1 wildlife removal service in the area. Our company provides competitive prices, and you will always receive an estimate in writing first. We charge less than most of our competitors, but you can be sure the work is better than theirs. We pride ourselves on the techniques we use and the expertise of our staff, and stand behind our work in every instance. We know that many in this community have problems with rodents. Our staff uses state-of-the-art, time-tested techniques that guarantee that we will remove these animals. We also help to repair any entryways they may have created. We want to ensure that rodents don't get back into your house, so we provide the service to ensure that won't happen. When you are faced with the problem with rodents or other wild animals, you want to know the job is being done right to remove them. We guarantee you that it will be. Call us today and we will have a technician out to help you. Call us now at 754-217-2880 for your Pembroke Pines wildlife control needs.

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Pembroke Pines Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Top Guide For Utilizing Florida One-Way Exclusion Funnels on Groundhogs

Trapping device may not necessarily be the right solution under some circumstances. In case you have a shy-trap Pembroke Pines groundhog, you may want to use exclusion funnels. Exclusion devices can be used indoors to get rid of the groundhogs without harming them. This enables them to leave your property but will prevent them from returning. The 1-way exclusion funnels are normally used by the professionals but there are instructional videos online that teaches you how to build your own.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using One-Way Exclusion Device

Perhaps the most essential part of the exclusion device is the 1-way system. This means that you will not trap them. You are simply preventing them from getting an access inside your house. Installing exclusion device may be challenging for those who lack the experience. In case you failed to follow the appropriate procedure, it will be easier for the creature to find an entry inside our office or house.

Assessing the Condition of Your Property

While the groundhog will normally establish their den outside of our property, there are some instances when they will try to invade our house. If you want to restrict their access to your house, exclusion funnels would be an excellent solution. The process will start in assessing the level of infestation. Usually, the infestation will be more evident in areas where there is a food source. Knowing the area of our house that is suffering from the groundhog damages will allow us to concentrate our effort in that particular space.

Determining the Pembroke Pines Access Point

After you finished examining the severity of the infestation, it is now time to identify all the access points of the groundhog. The groundhog will often prefer to use the lower ground so start looking for any crack, gaps, crevices in your basement, or garage. To make it easier, you can create a draft of the room and highlight all the places where you've seen the gaps. 

Conceal all the Holes

After you've successfully determined all the access point, it is now time to cover them. You will have to cover all the Florida holes except for one main entrance. Use wire mesh or steel plate when sealing the holes. You should also fix them on the structure using a screw to ensure that the groundhog will not easily remove it. Hardware cloth would also be a good alternative to seal the entry points. 

Install the Exclusion Device

After sealing all the entry points, install the Florida exclusion device on the main access hole. Place bait outside of the exclusion funnel to encourage the creature to leave your property. After 2 weeks and there are no longer signs of infestation, you can now remove the exclusion device and seal the last hole.

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure that your Pembroke Pines house will stay protected from different type of wildlife infestation such as groundhog. This can save you from the costly repairs and renovation. You can also minimize the interaction between the human and the woodchucks and limit the possibility of zoonotic disease transmission.